What is in your chosen Baby skincare products?

What is in your chosen Baby skincare products? | LoveShea Skincare

Have a read of the ingredients in the popular brands of baby oils and lotions. You'll find ingredients such as paraffin, mineral oil, petroleum and dimethicone. These are artificial, synthetic oils and silicones which do not enrich or nourish the skin in any way. Their sole purpose is to create an oil barrier, which can give the appearance of treating dryness. However these synthetic oils cannot be absorbed by the skin whatsoever and can instead clog pores, which in turn may damage the skin barrier.

Dry skin conditions such as eczema are becoming increasingly common in infants and unfortunately the emollients prescribed by GPs are made from paraffin, artificial waxes and mineral oils.

There are natural, organic alternatives with HEALING ingredients! Our LoveShea Baby Soothe range has been specifically formulated for children aged 3 months and over. Our ingredients are 100% organic and free from artificial oils and fragrance. Each ingredient in our Baby Soothe Butter and Baby Soothe oil has been chosen for its delicate but deeply nourishing, nutrient-rich, protective properties that our baby's skin needs.

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