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1. Who makes the products?

The shea souffles and body scrubs are handmade and hand-packaged in small batches at the LoveShea headquarters (also known as the residential kitchen!)

Our African Black Soap is made by a community of women in Ghana, West Africa. We wouldn't dare try to replicate it! It is made in the traditional way according to long standing recipes.

The Nature's Gold facial serum is produced and packaged by our manufacturer who is based in the UK.

2. How can I use the whipped butters as a hair treatment?

  1. Melt 1-2 heaped tablespoons depending on hair length and thickness.  You can do this by placing the LoveShea butter in a cup and standing it in a bowl of boiling water, or place a bowl with the butter over a saucepan containing boiling water, and heat gently. Microwaves are not ideal as they may damage the nutrients in the butter and oils.
  2. Allow the melted shea butter mix to cool slightly.
  3. Part the hair into 4-6 sections and apply the mix from root to tip. Massage into scalp and also ensure the tips of the hair are fully coated. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave for 30 minutes. For deeper hair penetration apply heat by wrapping the head with a warm towel or heat cap or sitting under a dryer.
  4. Rinse, then shampoo and condition hair as normal
  5. Marvel at your softer, stronger beautiful hair

 3. Can the butters be used for all hair types?

Yes the butters are suitable for all hair types. Very fine hair types may find that some residual oils still remain after shampooing. If this occurs an apple cider vinegar rinse can be used prior to shampooing. Mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and apply to the hair. Apple cider vinegar is great laying cuticles flat and adding shine to the hair.

 4. Which souffle is best for dry skin?

All the shea souffles have the same base blend of oils: Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and vitamin E so all offer the same great properties. Details of the benefits of each oil are available on the "Our ingredients" tab. The difference between them is scent - the choice if yours!

 5. Can the whipped butters be used for children?

The butters are all natural and hence safe for all the family, including children! Where fragrance oils are used we use high quality oils, opting for allergen-free where possible.

 6. Can we eat the souffles?

You would not believe how many times we are asked this question when we have them on display! They are yummy treats for the hair and skin, but not so yummy when eaten!

 7. Can I use the butters to treat stretch marks?

Our key ingredient is the magical shea butter which is high in vitamins and essential acids. A key property of shea butter is improving the elasticity of the skin, which is paramount in avoiding and reducing stretch marks.

 8. Do you offer customised gift sets?

Yes of course, we would happily do our best to meet your needs and budget! Please contact us at with your request and we will get back to you promptly.