About Us

Thank you for visiting! I'm Lola, founder of LoveShea Skincare.

LoveShea Skincare was founded in 2015 although I have been making natural products for personal use for much longer. My passion for all things natural and organic was borne out of doing a "big chop" and starting a natural hair journey. This was the start of my education into understanding exactly what our hair, and in turn skin, needs to flourish and be nourished, and more importantly what it didn't need.

I also have a genetic incurable skin condition called Hyperkeratosis which causes thickened skin and hyperpigmentation on my hands and feet. I have been prescribed many steroid based creams over the years which thinned my skin and caused more damage, and was fed up of being recommended commercial mineral oils or petroleum based emollients which were greasy, synthetic and not absorbed by or nourishing to the skin in any way.

Researching better ways to look after my skin health, manage my Hyperkeratosis and look after my natural hair led to the discovery of some of the most healing, moisturising, nutrient packed ingredients that nature has to offer. 

At LoveShea Skincare we truly believe nature provides all the ingredients needed for healthy, beautiful skin that glows from the inside out. Our ingredients are natural and most are certified organic. This includes beautiful shea butter which is a key ingredient in many of our products.

My formulations have been life changing for myself and loved by those around me, and it is so rewarding to now have them enjoyed by our customers around the world!

Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure their quality. We do not subject the ingredients to any chemical processes or high heat, which can damage their amazing properties. For this reason our organic shea butter is unrefined - and we are happy to accept any colour, texture or slight scent variations that may occur, over using the chemically refined alternative.

We use ethical packaging opting for glass and fully recyclable plastic wherever possible. We are proudly paraben-free, mineral oil and petroleum free, vegan friendly, against animal testing, and made in the UK!


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