Ginger and Orange body scrub

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Show your skin the LoveShea loving it deserves with this gorgeous Ginger and Orange handmade body scrub.

The scrub is made using Organic Sweet Almond oil, a perfectly light and delicate oil which is naturally high in protein, Vitamin A, B and E and also an antioxidant.

The exfoliating properties in the scrub come from the cane sugar which helps to buff away the dead skin and stimulate circulation.

The uplifting and refreshing scent of this scrub comes from the zingy blend of Ginger and Orange essential oils.


  • Sugar
  • Organic sweet almond oil
  • Ginger essential oil
  • Orange essential oil
  • Vitamin E


After washing as normal, use a spoon to scoop out the desired amount of scrub into hands. Rub into skin in a circular motion, adding more pressure for additional exfoliation. Rinse off. You will be left with amazingly soft and smooth skin!

To preserve the scrub, try to avoid getting water into the jar. It is best to use a spoon instead of wet hands to scoop the scrub. Keep the jar closed when not in use.

The scrub does contain oils so the bath/shower will be slippery after use.

150g of scrub in reusable clip-top glass jar.


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